• $3.5 Bn
    Value of the global medicinal cannabis market in 2017
  • $25 Bn
    Expected medicinal cannabis market size by 2021
  • 10%
    Of funds invested into the industry have been activated
  • 24
    Countries have introduced regulations for medicinal use
  • 10
    Of these countries are within the European market
  • x3
    Expected European market size compared to American

Why Sanoid Isolates?

The European market is expected to become the largest medicinal cannabis market in the coming years. Sanoid Isolates has obtained the first part of a production license in Spain with cultivation conditions amongst the most favorable in Europe. But beyond cultivation, we are now in the process to be registered as a manufacturer of GMP compliant extracts and isolates with distinct competitive advantages in each step of the value chain.

Experience & Reliability

We are part of the BOTI Holding N.V, a Dutch company with over 25 years in the industry. We've partnered with Phytoplant Research, who contribute a decade of research into cannabis genetics, with PRIMOR, with the cultivation expertise required for a stable and efficient cultivation, and Novagric, who built our high tech nursery and greenhouses.


With Phytoplant being the first with a Research license for medicinal cannabis in Spain and with Sanoid well in the process to become a producer of medicinal cannabis products, we have a valuable advantage and momentum to take a strong position in the medicinal cannabis market.

Quality & Control

By controlling the entire upstream value chain we are able to produce a higher level of quality and complete traceability of our produce, making Sanoid an ideal supplier of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries - with immense growth projections.